Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Orientation and registration for U.S.P.T.N. training program for Sarawak.

With the result of the national evaluation out for the U.S.P.T.N. AA and AAA training programmes, we will be having a orientation and registration with successful trainees. A briefing will also be held for parents of the listed trainees.
The meeting will be held at A.B.A.S. office in Crystal Bowl, BDC, Kuching on the 15.02.2012 at 8pm sharp. The meeting will be chaired by A.B.A.S. Vice President Mr. Robert Lu along with National Youth Coach Mr. Jackson Ting, U.S.P.T.N. AAA Sarawak Coach Mr. Reginald Walter Angkas and U.S.P.T.N. AA Sarawak Mr. Angelo Koay.
The AA and AAA programme trainings for 2012 has been set. For days and time please click on link below;

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