Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Orientation and registration for U.S.P.T.N. training program for Sarawak.

With the result of the national evaluation out for the U.S.P.T.N. AA and AAA training programmes, we will be having a orientation and registration with successful trainees. A briefing will also be held for parents of the listed trainees.
The meeting will be held at A.B.A.S. office in Crystal Bowl, BDC, Kuching on the 15.02.2012 at 8pm sharp. The meeting will be chaired by A.B.A.S. Vice President Mr. Robert Lu along with National Youth Coach Mr. Jackson Ting, U.S.P.T.N. AAA Sarawak Coach Mr. Reginald Walter Angkas and U.S.P.T.N. AA Sarawak Mr. Angelo Koay.
The AA and AAA programme trainings for 2012 has been set. For days and time please click on link below;

Friday, February 3, 2012

MTBC - NSC Nationwide Evaluation 2012

The annual MTBC - NSC Nationwide Evaluation for the new U.S.P.T.N. AAA and AA youth training programme for the state of Sarawak was concluded on Wednesday evening.
National youth coach, Azidi Ameran, Director of National Youth Development Programmes, Mr. George Tan  and Team Malaysia Manager, Mr. Cheah Ban Cheng were present to feast and grade our state's many young talents for the sport of tenpin bowling.
After about an hour of observation and consideuration, the names were tabulated as stated below;

Before midnight results were posted of the evaluation that was held in Crystal Bowl on M.T.B.C.'s Facebook page. 10 youths for the AAA programme was identified whereas 18 for the AA.
Congratulations to all the successful trainees and many thanks to the dedicated officials from the national body for sacrificing their time and effort. Much appreciation goes out to all the parents as well for their cooperation and commitment to the cause.
Coaches, you all have doneyour job well and we pray you all shall continue on producing talents for our beloved state and nation.
To all the AA listed trainees, you are to report for training tomorrow, Saturday, 04.02.2012 @8.00am at Crystal Bowl for a briefing and the start of your training for this year.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

M.T.B.C. - NSC Nationwide Evaluation 2012 for the state of Sarawak

The scheduled M.T.B.C. - Nationwide Evaluation 2012 for the state of Sarawak on the 1st of February at Crystal Bowl, BDC, Kuching, will now start at 7.30pm with the registration. Roll-off will be at 8pm sharp. A minimal fee of RM20.00 will be imposed to all participants.
Interested youths (under the age of 18) to come into the U.S.P.T.N. AA and AAA training programme may begin registering yourself now. Forms can be obtained from Mr. Angelo Koay at Crystal Bowl Pro-Shop.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

M.T.B.C. - NSC Nationwide Evaluation 2012

The M.T.B.C. - NSC Nationwide Evaluation for the selection of U.S.P.T.N. AAA and AA trainees will be held in Crystal Bowl, BDC, for the state of Sarawak on the 1st February, 2012. The dates will be as stated unless there is any unforeseen circumstances in which date alterations will be posted and updated on the blog. Actual registration time for the evaluation will be announced once lane bookings with the bowling centre has been confirmed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

25th Asian InterCity Tenpin Bowling Championship 2011 (Day #1)

The Kuching team doing their official ball registration at Orchid Bowl Golf and Country Club, Singapore.

The Kuching City Asian InterCity Team ready for their official practice session before the start of the championship.